Mod-Tec Service Dog Harness with Packs Review

Mod-Tec Service Dog HarnessThe law doesn’t require service dogs to wear any specific type of identification or gear, but most service dogs will wear a type of harness for identification purposes and as a way to hold necessary gear for the pet owner. The cape harness is probably the most common type of harness used and features fabric that drapes across the dog’s back. This cape harness by Mod-Tec can be utilized in any situation thanks to the number of storing options available, allowing the owner to remain well prepared while out of the home. This very versatile piece of equipment allows you to add patches for customization and is also designed with the pet’s comfort in mind.

The Mod-Tec service dog harness is described as the toughest therapy dog/service dog harness around. This model comes with a free service dog patch and comes equipped with two large packs, integrated webbing system, and a lifetime product warranty.

Service Dog Harness Overview and Product Features

This service dog harness by Petjoy was put through the wringer during the design and production phase, undergoing extensive testing for a period of twelve months before it was released to the public. This model features a modular vest system that’s very versatile and comes complete with large backpacks that allow the user to store and carry everything from medication to water bottles, making this model a very serious piece of working equipment for dogs.

This harness uses the modular lightweight load carrying equipment webbing system that allows you to attach accessories and the two included packs. Dog owners with military experience will definitely appreciate the security and stability of this system. The packs have been expertly secured so they will never move or flop around as the dog moves. The packs can also be adjusted backward or forward.

The included packs have been widely used in first aid and tactical trauma scenarios and measure in at 7” x 8” x 3” and provide a total of 336 cubic inches of carrying space. When not in use, the packs can also be easily removed.

The tear away packs are designed for dog owners who are looking for even more versatility and space. Each of these packs measures in at 7.5” x 6.5” and can fold out to an impressive twenty-six inches in length. The packs are designed to hold a large variety of supplies and they stand tall enough to accommodate a standard sized water bottle. The user can also utilize the quick release buckle feature and remove the pack from the harness without compromising the modular lightweight load carrying equipment webbing system.

On the back, the double girth straps make the function and the fit of this harness incomparable. Dog owners will not have to worry about pet discomfort, shifting or sliding of the harness when their pet is carrying a larger load.

The harness is also equipped with a couple of forward placed D-rings to hook a bridge handle or leash.

A wide strip of Velcro runs all the way down the center of the harness so the user can add patches. The harness currently comes with the free service dog patch.

The harness is available in four sizes measuring from small to extra-large. The small size is perfect for dogs with a girth measuring in at twenty-six to thirty inches. The medium sized harness works for dogs with a girth measurement of thirty to thirty-four inches. Size large will fit dogs with a measurement of thirty-four to forty inches and the extra-large model works well for pets with a measurement of forty to forty-two inches.

The harness is also available in four color options including red, ACU digital camo, and twilight gray, and woodland camo.

Mod-Tec Dog Harness Pros and Cons

Mod-Tec Service Dog Harness with PacksPros: Buyers raved about the overall fit of the harness. One wide strap runs under the stomach and chest, with a second strap that runs around the neck. The attachment system is able to easily support almost any accessory and the packs also offer adequate space for longer trips out of the home. The vest itself is very easy to put on and remove and each pack comes with four button straps that work to hold the packs securely to the animal. The strip of Velcro that runs down the center of the harness measures in at four inches wide and allows you to easily attach a number of patches. While not exactly waterproof, the harness is water resistant. The rain will roll off the harness without soaking it, allowing dog enthusiasts to use the harness in a wide range of weather conditions.

Cons: Some consumers noted that when a dog heels while wearing the packs that the pack closest to the user will frequently bump their leg. Another issue for many consumers involved the price. While on the higher end of the pay scale, this harness is definitely worth the cost. Designed to last and built with strength and versatility in mind, this will be the last service dog harness you’ll ever need to buy. Unfortunately, the harness doesn’t come with an integrated handle like many consumers expected for the price.

Consumers who are looking for a lightweight harness and one that can help provide the walker with more control when their dog is on a walk should learn more about the Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart dog harness. This harness is perfect for larger breeds and offers a comfortable fit that won’t affect the dog’s mobility.

Service Dog Harness Conclusion and Rating

Frankly, consumers couldn’t praise the Mod-Tec Service Dog Harness with Packs enough. If you’re planning a longer outing you’ll be able to fit everything you need into the two large packs. The option to use a handle or leash makes this model very versatile and perfect for users with different types of disabilities. Consumers who purchased this harness gave it a rating of four and a half stars out of five stars for quality, durability, and the two included packs.