Ruffwear Doubleback Strength Rated Safety Dog Harness Review

Ruffwear Strength Rated Safety Dog Harness
The Doubleback strength rated dog harness by Ruffwear is typically purchased to aid in mobility during a climb, but it’s so solidly built you could use it to hoist your pup up a cliff. Described as secure, safe and strong, this harness is the perfect tool for pet owners who are looking for a custom fit style harness for their dog that can easily handle adventures in the backcountry.

Designed as a rock climbing harness for dogs, this model is designed with a focus on safety and comfort. The sturdy construction doesn’t take away from a dog’s mobility and the extensive buckle system will ensure your pet’s safety even when hoisted up the steepest incline.

Ruffwear Dog Harness Rundown and Features

This harness features an impressive seven points of adjustment, which allows the owner to create a more custom fit for their pet. This is a huge bonus that will allow a dog to enjoy a full range of motion.

The harness also features a reflective trim, making a dog easier to spot, even in low light conditions.

The leg loops and padded belly support provide more comfortable, balanced, and controlled lifting and perfect weight distribution. The loops are designed for increased mobility during approach.

You’ll also find anodized aluminum buckles, designed with extra durability and strength in mind. These buckles provide much-needed safety for your pet in a wide range of weather conditions. The main tie-in points have been designed for easier rope attachment.

This is a strength rated model that’s been constructed from highly durable materials, making the harness able to withstand up to two thousand pounds of force.

This model is available in four sizes ranging from extra small to extra-large. The extra-small harness is designed for dogs seventeen to twenty-two inches, while the basic small harness works for dogs measuring in at twenty-two to twenty-seven inches. The medium harness will fit dogs measuring in at twenty-seven to thirty-two inches. The large/extra-large option is designed for dogs thirty-two inches to forty-two inches. You should choose a harness based on the dog’s girth, which can be determined by measuring the dog around their middle, at the widest point of the rib cage.

Dog Safety Harness Pros and Cons

Pros: This specialized harness differs from traditional harnesses in a number of ways. First of all, you won’t find a ring for a leash at all. The lack of which is designed in order to prevent climbing accidents. The tie-in loops located at the back and front of the harness work well with a regular leash. The manufacturer’s Knot a leash features a large carabiner loop that wRuffwear Doubleback Strength Rated Safety Dog Harnessorks well with the main handle. The fact that this harness lacks a ring for a leash really drives home the fact that this is a purpose built harness that isn’t simply a redesigned walking harness.

The fasteners are just another safety climbing feature that some consumers would have normally complained about if their purpose wasn’t to take their pet on an outdoor adventure. A set of plastic buckles on a traditional harness really has no place on a strength rated model. Really, the last thing you want on a harness when you’re taking your dog up a steep rock incline is a quick-release buckle system. Instead, Ruffwear has equipped this model with Doubleback safety fasteners which require the user to carefully lace the straps through the buckles in a certain pattern for much-needed security.

Many dog enthusiasts felt that the most unique feature on this harness was the rear leg loops. These loops attach using the same Doubleback fasteners and can be stowed away in a small travel pouch located at the rear back plate when they’re not needed. The handle that’s placed directly on top of the hips will allow the user to use a two-handed lift that will support the dog’s entire spine.

The manufacturer released a new and much improved updated version of the Doubleback model last year. The biggest different between the older model and this new improved harness is that the bottom and top pads on the latest version work to enclose most of the straps that were sewn on top of the older harness. This updated version also eliminated the stabilizer pads found on the rear leg loops, which makes the whole rear portion of the harness much less bulky. Most buyers can agree that this model is the most secure and strongest dog harness on the market and one of the only purpose built climbing harnesses for dogs. Designed as escape-proof, this harness allows for a more comfortable lift that works to support the whole spine.

Cons: Any issues with the harness has been fixed with the updated version. The super-secure buckle system takes quite a long time to adjust, compared to a traditional harness, however, the extensive buckle system is necessary for safety reasons. Some consumers still found the back leg loop assembly to be a bit too bulky.

Consumers who are looking for a more traditional style walking harness, but one that’s designed for added durability and security should take a closer look at the Mod-Tec service dog harness with packs. This type of harness isn’t designed for rock climbing or intense outdoor adventures, but it is ideal for all-day wear and is equipped with a number of pockets that make it perfect for pet owners who have a service animal.

Doubleback Climbing Harness for Dogs Conclusion and Rating

You’ll be hard pressed to find another dog harness of this quality that’s designed specifically for rock climbing. While many consumers felt that this model was a little on the pricey side, the innovative buckle system, padding, and leg loops make it worth every penny.

Other models on the market that feature a similar design simply can’t stand up to the quality. The amount of padding and leg loop design is essential for a dog’s comfort and the innovative adjustment options make it perfect for all-day use.

Definitely considered the safest mobility harness around, Ruffwear Doubleback Strength Rated Safety Dog Harness received a perfect consumer rating of five out of five stars for innovative design, seven-point adjustment system, pricing and overall quality, making it the best dog harness for rock climbing on the market.